To the neighboring kingdoms, our greetings! We now ask for a little of your attention.

Through this parchment we want to communicate a new place to eat until you're fed up.

Discover novelties and mysteries at the Taverna Medieval, a themed hamburger restaurant that has deliciously handcrafted preparation. With ingredients and spices from the Middle Ages used in its cooking, we also have special dishes of this extraordinary time.

Bring your clan and enjoy experiences never seen before with potions prepared by our alchemists. You'll definitely find a reference to that book you like the most and take a picture wielding the sword from that series you've posted the most.

Come, warriors, barbarians and sorcerers, come even the commoners of our partner kingdoms, here we have no distinction everyone can celebrate as there is no better place to be.

If you have any doubts, come and prove it for yourself, but don't forget to thank the innkeeper when you leave.