Skyrim's Rustic potatoes with spices, cheddar and bacon

Baked potato with peel, rosemary, paprika and garlic confit, cheddar and bacon.

$ 39

Far Far Away's Stuffed Onions

Breaded onions stuffed with cheese shredded shank and seasoned with relish of smoked peppers.

$ 39

Far Far Away's Cheese Stuffed Onions

Breaded onions stuffed with cheese.

$ 42

Cimmeria's Crispy Onion

Sliced onions, breaded in wheat flour and seasoned with paprika, onion powder and garlic powder.

$ 28

Valhala's Apple Bacon

Apple, onion and bacon fried - accompanies sliced Italian baguette.

$ 35

Skyrim's Rustic potatoes with spices

Baked potato with peel, rosemary, paprika and garlic confit.

$ 32


William Wallace's Breakfast Salad

Luonnaise salad with leaves mix, bacon, egg poche and dijon vinaigrette.

$ 28



Beef burger (180g), breaded cheddar, crispy bacon, queijo prato, pickles and mayonnaise on the Australian Bread.

$ 45

Mountain Giant

Beef burger (180g), stuffed with emmental cheese, wrapped in bacon, topped with crispy onion and barbecue sauce on brioche bread.

$ 42

Innkeeper's Choice

Beef burger (180g), bacon and cheese fondue on brioche bread.

$ 42


Beef burger (180g), cream cheese, mayonnaise, bacon, straw cassava on brioche bread.

$ 36

The Barbarian

Boar burgers (180g), Caciocavallo, arugula and smoked red pepper relish on brioche bread.

$ 49

Black Knight

Beef burger (180g), cheddar, bacon and caramelized onions on Australian bread.

$ 39

Merlin with Magic Sauce

Beef burger (180g), mozzarella, crispy cabbage and magic sauce (medieval sauce that resembles chimichurri) on brioche bread.

$ 38

Master Paladin

Beef burger (180g), pepperoni, gorgonzola cheese, arugula and creamy curd on Australian bread.

$ 38


Two beef burgers (180g each), special queijo prato , tomato , pickles , lettuce, bacon and mayonnaise on brioche bread.

$ 49

Faithful Squire

Beef burger (180g), queijo prato, lettuce, purple onion, pickles, tomato and mayonnaise on brioche bread.

$ 35

Forest Elf

Red rice and lentil burguer (140g), arugula, vegan garlic mayonnaise, tomato and breaded tofu on vegan bread.

$ 35

Trolls Hunter

Chicken burger (160g), cherry tomato confit in bacon oil, pesto sauce, provolone, tomato sauce and mayonnaise on brioche bread.

$ 38


Simple Noble Heart Peasant that goes every day to the forest to gather wood

Shredded shank with red cabbage salad on baguette.

$ 34


Pumpkin Gnocchi

Cabotia pumpkin gnocchi with tomato sauce, pesto sauce, Brazil nuts. Accompanies grated provolone.

$ 34

Pumpkin Gnocchi with Pepper Relish and Shredded Ham

Cabotia pumpkin gnocchi with shredded ham, pepper relish, Brazil nuts and pesto. Accompanies grated provolone.

$ 39


Round Table of Mayonnaise

Contains Mayonnaise: Traditional Garlic, Curry, Paprika, Magic Sauce (Chimichurri), Herb and Smoked Barbecue.

$ 19

Traditional Garlic Mayonnaise

$ 4

Curry Mayonnaise

$ 4

Paprika Mayonnaise

$ 4

Magic Sauce (Chimichurri)

$ 4

Smoked Barbecue Mayonnaise

$ 4


Italian Soda

Flavors: Green Apple, Grape, Strawberry, Tangerine, Lychee, Raspberry and Melon.

$ 15

Matte Natural Iced Tea

Natural and Lemon Flavors.

$ 8


$ 6

Iced Hibiscus Tea

$ 8

Soft drinks

$ 8

Fruit Juice (check availability)

$ 12

Red Fruit Juice

$ 15

Nespresso Coffee

$ 7

Non-Alcoholic Potions

Non-Alcoholic Potions

Strength Potion: Strawberry, gooseberry, soda.

$ 24

Leap Potion: Tahiti lemon, green apple syrup, soda.

$ 24

Fire Resistance Potion: (Unavailable)


Alcoholic Potions

Mead Board with 3

Board with dry, smooth and sweet.

$ 39

Mead Board with 5

Board with dry, smooth, sweet, dry mead aged in oak and coffee barrels.

$ 62

Elixir of the Woods

Refreshing drink of Jabuticaba Syrup, club soda, lemon juice, molasses, vodka, rosemary and sugarcane for decoration.

$ 32

Tunka's Treasure

Whiskey Bourbon, Mandarin Liqueur, Tahiti Lemon, Ginger Juice, Sugar, Cream Foam, Dehydrated Lemon and Chamomile Flower.

$ 33

Love Potion

Blackberry and black pepper mead, cachaça infused with passion fruit and chamomile, red berries, pepper syrup and mandarin liqueur.

$ 32


Vodka, fine curacao, lemon, green apple syrup and absinthe.

$ 32

Flamel's Secret Solution

Gin, rosemary syrup with honey and lemon.

$ 32


Vodka, mandarin liqueur, orange juice, sparkling wine and blue curacao.

$ 32

Mead Caipirinha

Mead, fruit and sugar (see available fruit options).

$ 34

King Arthur's drink

Scotch whiskey, marula liqueur, sour cream and amaretto and cinnamon liqueur.

$ 37

Life Potion

Sake, Hibiscus Syrup, Cinnamon and Pineapple Juice.

$ 29

Mana Potion

Arak, rosemary syrup, honey, Sicilian lemon, Tahiti lemon and Persian lime and sparkling water.

$ 30

Energy Potion

Energetic and blue vodka.

$ 29


Pilsen Beer

Pilsen Craft Beer 700ml

$ 28

American Pale Ale (Sepultura) draft beer

Craft Beer American Pale Ale (Sepultura) 700ml

$ 34

Stella Artois - 275ml

$ 13

Pale Ale e Weiss Longneck - 355ml

$ 16

Hobgoblin Ruby

$ 34

Faxe IPA

$ 31

Faxe Witbier

$ 31


Canonical Wine

A dose of wine liqueur used especially in masses.

$ 23

Bottle 750ml

$ 80


Joan of Arc

Cream ice cream and Ovaltine.

$ 27


Cream ice cream, dulce de leche and peanut candy.

$ 27


Cream ice cream, Sicilian lemon and mint.

$ 29

Ana Boleyn

Cream ice cream, milk Nest and dulce de leche border.

$ 29

Ghengis Khan (Alcoholic)

Cream ice cream and marula liqueur.

$ 35

Ragnar Lothbrok (Alcoholic)

Cream ice cream, brown sugar, Jack Daniels whiskey and bacon.

$ 37


Spectral Judith

Trio of Waffle Pancakes with Nutella and Homemade Strawberry Jam. Accompanies strawberry chips.

$ 35

William Tell

Apple pie with cream and cinnamon gelatto.

$ 29

Morgana Le Fay

Gingerbread with spices, dulce de leche and ganache.

$ 19


Scottish recipe for Snickers chocolate (chocolate, caramel and peanuts) breaded in beer batter, fried and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar.

$ 16

Imperial Cook Pudding

Condensed milk pudding and caramel sauce.

$ 17

Nordic Cook Pudding

Condensed milk pudding with mead and caramel sauce.

$ 17

Essential Freezing Oil

Cream Gelato, Chantilly, topped with paçoca farofa and choose one of the following flavors: "Chocolate Ganache" or "Red Fruits" or "Wine Caramel".

$ 18