Greetings travelers,

We serve with RESERVATIONS ONLY. Each booking is 2 hours long and free.

We are open from Tuesday to Sunday - Operating Hours:

Tuesday to Friday:

• Reservation Period 1: from 6:20 pm to 8:40 pm

• Reservation Period 2: from 9:00 pm to 11:20 pm


• Reservation Period 1: from 2 pm to 4 pm

• Reservation Period 2 : from 4:20 pm to 6:20 pm

• Reservation Period 3: from 6:40 pm to 8:40 pm

• Reservation Period 4: from 9:20 pm to 11:20 pm


• Reservation Period 1: from 2 pm to 4 pm

• Reservation Period 2: from 4:20 pm to 6:20 pm

• Reservation Period 3: from 6:40 pm to 8:40 pm

• Reservation Period 4: from 9 pm to 11 pm

What is the time of each reservation and tolerance?

Each reservation is free and lasts for 2 hours of stay and service.

If you want to stay longer than 2 hours, you only need to book the same amount of warriors and the same hall for the next time.

The arrival tolerance time for reservations is 15 minutes, after which time the reservation is automatically cancelled.

When do reservations open?

Reservations are free and open from 7 days in advance.

Only the dates, environments, warrior numbers and times that appear are available. If there is any cancellation, the site is automatically updated and makes the withdrawal available for booking.

Payment methods:

The tavern keeper accepts debit and credit cards (cash only), cash or gold pieces, as quoted by our dwarves. We also accept the banners: Sodexo, Alelo, VR, Ticket Restaurante and Ben. We do not accept checks and barter with magic.

Is any fitting possible?

If you want to try some last-minute cancellation, please get in touch at (11) 4114-2816, only during the house's opening hours, to find out if there has been any cancellation. If not, we recommend checking other available days and times on the website.

I made a reservation, but the number of guests has increased, is it possible to accommodate?

Please contact the house during opening hours to see if we can accommodate your clan!

How do I book the viking boat?

The reservation is free and you must select the Viking option in the ambient part. The table will hold a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 warriors.

If it does not appear available, it is because it has already been reserved for the selected date.

I want to take my group to an event or celebration, how do I do it?

For groups we have a limit of 14 people per clan. We do not accept larger groups and we will not accept reservations from the same clan divided into more than 2 reservations.

For more than 14 warriors, only with an exclusive room reservation and must be requested at least 20 days in advance via e-mail: to check availability, values, packages and rental options.

I'm trying to book, but no table appears with the number of seats I need.

In this case, we recommend reserving 2 tables in the same environment and time and placing them under observation to keep them close together. Remembering that we only accept groups of up to 14 warriors and that the tables cannot be together. Reservations with more than 2 two tables or more than 14 warriors will be automatically canceled. Subject to availability.

Do you join tables?

We don't join tables.

From what age can you visit the Taverna?

The Tavern receives warriors from 3 months to 476 years.

What is the benefit for Birthdays?

The birthday boy of the week wins 3 arrows in the bow and arrow to challenge Robin Hood and another scoop of ice cream or a dose of Mead.

What are the Attractions of the House?

Archery and Rune Reading - Open from Wednesday to Sunday, prices and details of each attraction on the Menu.

Music in the Tavern: Saturday and Sunday from 4 pm we have the Duo - Olam Ein Sof in the Tavern playing in the halls as in medieval times - Their presence may vary according to their show schedule. They perform songs from the medieval period. There is no cover charge.

Is there a discount for those with character costumes?

Yes, get 5% off your individual order.

Do you have a valet?

The valet is outsourced and there are 2 valet points on the street that accept credit cards.

If you are going to drink, we advise you to leave your carriage at home.

Is it possible to order for delivery?

Yes, with Ifood / Rappi / and Gurmit riders up to 7 km. We also have a withdrawal option or for reservations in our salons.

What are the SALON environments that are in the reservation area?

Photos of the Halls

Do you have versions for vegetarians and vegans?

YES, we have vegan and vegetarian items and we can also adapt the burgers.

Does the Tavern cater for celiacs?

Unfortunately, our kitchen is not prepared to serve celiacs.

Do you accept Pets?

For security reasons, pets are not allowed, as the Orcs in the region are hungry.

May the good winds guide you!

We are waiting for your clan!