Greetings Travelers,

In this period in which the plague affects us, we will return with restricted operation, as required by the competent government agencies and a series of cleaning and safety rules that have already been provided.

During this period, we will ONLY SERVE WITH RESERVATIONS.

• Only clickable dates and times are with reservations available. Reservations open only 7 days in advance, due to several changes in the São Paulo Plan.

• The waiting tolerance time for reservations is 15 minutes, after which time the reservation is automatically canceled.

• Reservations are free.

• Reservations entitle you to 2:00h of stay and service.

• We are currently accepting few groups with restrictions. Due to the plague, we still have several restrictions on the part of the government, as we cannot have warriors standing and unmasked in the establishment.

• In an attempt to retake, some groups were not respecting and we had to put this limit in order to guarantee their safety and that of all other clans.

• For larger clans, we only have 1 table that can hold up to 14 warriors (Viking Table) and another 2 tables that hold up to 8 warriors.

• It will not be possible to join tables from different groups. We do not accept large groups and we will not accept bookings from the same clan split into multiple reservations.

• Due to restrictions and for greater security, the reservation time will be limited to 2 hours and there will be a 20-minute break for disinfecting tables, chairs and other items after each use.

• After the reservation deadline, you will not be allowed to continue in the restaurant, due to the urgent need to adopt disinfection procedures.

• If you want to book the Viking boat table, select the Viking option (if available). It will hold a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 14 warriors. If it does not appear available, it is because it has already been booked for the selected date.

• The use of the Mask is mandatory for everyone's safety, and must be used at any time when you get up or while at the table when you are not eating.

• Security measures for entering the Medieval Tavern will include screening, including: temperature measurement, shoe disinfection, pedal-operated alcohol gel totem.

• We emphasize that if the temperature does not meet the minimum requirements of government recommendations, entry will not be allowed. If you have come into contact with people with COVID in the last 15 days, stay at home in isolation and follow the instructions of your doctor and health authorities.

• We do not recommend the visit of people who are part of the Risk Group.

• The Taverna will also deliver by delivery and pick-up, give preference to these types of services. We are with the intrepid knights of the IFOOD, UBEReats, RAPPI and Gurmit clans.

• Still following the security measures, the handling of swords will not be allowed and our helmets will not be available for the photos.

We will go on together in the battle against pestilence, brave nobles! Good winds guide you!

We look forward to your clan!